Call For Works – Issue 3: #BlackLivesMatter

200px-black_lives_matter_logo-svgFor the third issue of the MFA Monthly, we’re looking for politically mindful poetry, stories, and essays centering on the #BlackLivesMatter movement. The political climate of this country has reached an extremely precarious point with the election of Donald Trump. In a frighteningly short time, Trump has made dangerous, harmful decisions that impact millions. However, this is also a time of hope as people rally, pushing back hate and fear with love. The #BlackLivesMatter movement predates Trump, but it does not predate the state of violence in this country or the need to speak out. While the acts of violence and hate make us want to hide away from the world and protect ourselves, we also recognize that the turmoil of the election has created a real possibility for change. We must follow the movements like #BlackLivesMatter, making ourselves heard as a voice against fear and hate.

The need for change in this time of uncertainty has compelled USPOCO Books to return to the press and begin publishing our magazine again. Art is an incredibly powerful medium for change. We dedicate this issue to #BlackLivesMatter as a way to create a space for the voices of those who need to be heard. Poetry, songs, essays, and journalism make tangible the poverty, violence, and dehumanization that the #BlackLivesMatter movement fights against.

In a time of violence and oppression, the press is a vital and powerful vehicle for change. As Amiri Baraka reported long ago, “Freedom of the press means that we are free to become the press.” In our quest to add our voices to the mêlée and become the press, we have been inspired to take up the publication of this magazine once again. We are dedicating this edition to #BlackLivesMatter. Let your voices ring out in a declaration of hope with ours.

Submissions for the #BlackLivesMatter issue close on April 1st. Submit 5 to 10 pages of poetry, one short story, or one essay/editorial. To submit your work follow and create a free account with Green Submissions. Submit your work by either pasting it into the text field or uploading it as a .doc or .docx file. Leave the bio field blank as we do not include contributor bios in our publication; the writing stands for itself. We guarantee an email only if your work is accepted. Follow up with us after three weeks to determine the status of your submission.

We look forward to reading your submissions and creating a powerful conversation about #BlackLivesMatter.


The MFA Monthly Editors

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MFA Monthly No. 2

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